About Us


Omigaman has been researching and developing web-based (Cloud/SaaS) business solutions in the UK, since 2003. The wide range of markets that we have provided research & solutions to include: Financial services, Manufacturing/Construction, Medical, Legal, Education and Charities. Our fully inclusive and feature rich platforms (GEPO and PIMS) require no effort, or up-front payment, from our clients – just a single monthly fee.

The company was founded by Omid Hajilou, as a research vehicle for open source innovations, using technology as a catalyst for change. Omid started his career in the Research field, but moved into leadership positions in the Banking sector (Board Director at Travelex, and management at Schroders since 1995), and founded a Cardiovascular healthcare company in 2006. In addition to managing Omigaman Limited, Omid has been lecturing at the University of Kent, since 2013 (in Medical Technologies, Data Protection/Privacy and Management) and conducting research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. Read more about Omid Hajilou at Linkedin.


GEPO stands for Good Enough Push On, and it refers to the balance between Perfection versus Efficiency. To achieve the best of both worlds, GEPO will deliver Quality and Functionality that clients can rely on, as well as, Simplicity and Savings that makes it worthwhile. We call this the GEPO Goldilocks effect, which is when a solution is ‘Good Enough’ for the job so that our clients can ‘Push On’ with their core business!

PIMS-logo-120x32PIMS stands for Pay It My Self, and it refers to the ability for clients to process their own debit/credit card details when payments have to be taken over the phone (i.e. card-not-present). Instead of exposing the client and your business to unnecessary risks by taking card details over the phone, you can initiate PIMS email or SMS/text, to empower your client to enter the card details on their own computer, tablet or phone. Read more about PIMS at www.payitmyself.com


Unlike other Cloud/SaaS solutions that provide access to a shared resource or database, our GEPO and PIMS platforms are set-up as unique solutions for each of our clients. Every client can have a dedicated application/database server, which can be fully hosted in a secure data-centre, or installed on a UNIX-based server in the client’s premises. Ultimately, we will take care of all hardware, licence and support needs for our PIMS/GEPO platforms. We will even handle security, backups and disaster recovery, in order to save our clients money, time and hassle. For more information, please call: 0845 860 9135 or email: support@omigaman.com


Leaders make decisions and their decisions rely on information. Technology has enabled the present information age, but the real value of technology is not about chips, computers and software; it’s about revealing what happened, is happening and might happen across the organisation. If we can’t capture and stop our information or knowledge from walking out the door, we will end up with blind spots and lost opportunities. Omigaman’s GEPO & PIMS platforms will avoid such inefficiencies by sharing the core knowledge throughout the organisation and by automating all business processes.

For more information, please call: 0845 860 9135 or email: support@omigaman.com